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Why lease an Ice Machine?

Why lease?

  • SERVICE & MAINTENANCE! Ice makers are machines that function with Oklahoma water…and Oklahoma water is full of scale and other Total Disolved Solids (TDS). When water goes from a liquid to a solid(water to ice) the scale separates and will stick to parts of the ice maker. The scale will eventually clog up the machine’s components, making it inefficient and will shut the machine down. Detailed descaling and proper water filters are the only way to avoid this. Full Service Leasing takes this off your plate! We handle it all!
  • Leasing allows you to save money versus buying a machine, paying for install and future cleanings/filter changes.
  • Leasing is a hedge on inflation. Your price is set AND can be written off as an expense. 100%.
  • Leasing provides for Priority Service. Red Rock will be there to service your leased maching in a timely manner if it breaks down.
  • No costly repair bills! A Red Rock lease covers this!



Important Leasing Notes

  • Full credit application must be filled out and approved by Red Rock.
  • Proper working utilities must be present at install site. Water, Electrical, and Sewer must all be functioning.
  • Lease terms are 48 or 60 months.
  • Leases not within 30 miles of Oklahoma City or Tulsa can have a $20 monthly upcharge for extra travel.
  • Payment must be made by Bank Draft or Credit Card on file.
  • Actual lease documents will be handled digitally through Docusign.



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